Manatee Arts Education Council

Manatee Arts Education Council (MAEC)

The Manatee Arts Education Council (MAEC) supports, promotes, and celebrates PreK-12 arts education, and in this unprecedented time we strongly believe every student in public schools in Manatee County deserves equitable access to high-quality arts education.

Manatee Arts Education Council memberships run from July 1 to June 30.

Your membership supports arts-based education in our schools through arts programming and events.

We believe the arts are crucial to supporting the well-being of our students and are critical during this unusual school year.

We invite you to be part of a passionate group of advocates supporting the arts in education. Join MAEC today to stay informed, involved, and engaged in arts education in Manatee County.

Membership Levels

Member Benefits

All membership levels receive:
  • Membership newsletter on arts education program in Manatee schools
– Celebrate successes of Manatee arts teachers and students – Information on upcoming arts and cultural events – Information on critical arts-related advocacy
  • Invitation to MAEC events including Arts Alive, Arts Rise and Shine, Mix and Mingle events, and more
  • Eligibility to serve on MAEC board (by invitation only)
Educator Members also receive:
  • Ability to showcase student success in MAEC newsletter, MAEC website, and throughout school district leadership
  • Eligibility to apply for MAEC grants and scholarships
Organizational Members also receive:
  • Opportunity to advertise arts programming in the MAEC newsletter
  • Field trip and school programs highlighted on MAEC website
Business and Corporate Partners also receive:
  • Bronze and Silver – Business name listed in all event programs and displayed at all events
  • Gold and Platinum – Business logo included in all event programs and displayed at all events

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