Saxophone Lessons

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Singerella offers innovative Saxophone lessons for our students. They will learn beginner note reading, beginner saxophone rhythm and technique. Once a solid technical foundation has been built, we then explore the different saxophone genres available to a saxophone player like contemporary, rock, pop, metal, classical, jazz, etc. From beginner students, to those focusing on advanced artist development studies, our certified teachers are trained to support students through every phase of their musical development.

Saxophone Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Singerella Music School group guitar lessons are a great introduction for beginning younger students ages 4 and up. Group lessons are an hour long and students are paired together based on age ranges. Singerella group lessons help establish a foundation for playing the instrument while introducing students to a range of musical traditions and techniques.
Most importantly, the classes help instill a love of music that will last a lifetime. Group lessons for the younger students are filled with fun activities to help keep them engaged in the class.
Singerella can help to create group lessons in any particular instrument in response to student demand.
Group lessons cover fundamentals, including:

  • Proper fretting and picking hand techniques
  • Playing in a group environment
  • Note reading and note recognition on the fretboard
  • Introduction to chords
  • Learning songs
  • Music appreciation

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Our Music School practices a unique teaching technique based on key Eastern and Western art education systems.